We all know the old saying, “Don’t talk about religion or politics.” But these are two of the most important subjects affecting every human being.  Discussing faith in God, salvation, and eternal life are off limits? When it comes to politics, governments either “serve,” rule, or control people being governed. Power is the ultimate goal.

What do we do when political leftists are attempting to hijack religion and usher in policies that directly oppose biblical Christianity? Allow destructive legislation to be introduced and passed unchallenged? Do we just sit back and let deception and lies rule the day?  How is that being light and salt to the world and people we love?

The fact is that the radical left is trying to completely eliminate God’s standards of morality in our nation and if they are successful we will see our religious freedoms hijacked and Christian Churches threatened and bullied into silence and compliance.

Gary Kah of Hope For the World joins Mike and David to discuss the depth and seriousness of the radical left’s agenda to eliminate Christianity from our nation and silence anyone who opposes the Marxist agenda.

Dirty Politics – by Gary Kah

The leading figures within the one-world socialist movement are not naïve. They are plain wicked! The results of their efforts, if they “succeed,” will be anarchy, civil war, the demise of our republic, and the subjugation of America under a global socialist government regime. Many Christians, wanting to believe the best in people, have a difficult time accepting the fact that there are so many evil people who would intentionally do such things. They have already forgotten the lessons of World War II and tend to dismiss the prophetic warnings of Scripture. Unless they take the time to do some genuine open-minded research of their own, they will remain in a state of delusional bliss – not waking up until it is too late to effectively defend their freedoms.