We love Fridays here at Stand Up For the Truth!  Friday marks the final day of the work week and we can look forward to rest, more time with our spouses, family and Christians in fellowship.  But we also love Fridays because we get to read comments and questions from listeners.  Today’s topics include:

  • Do we have to choose between going to church or watching on-line teachings?
  • I cannot find a local church willing to teach Bible prophecy and tackle hot topics
  • You guys are often hard on millennials
  • SOZO/Theophostic “ministries” infiltrating some churches.
  • Should our experiences rule over our thoughts?
  • Is tithing a biblical requirement?
  • Are the Letters to the Churches in Revelation applicable today?
  • Can a true believer fall away from or “give back” their salvation in Christ?

The experience-based, extra-biblical practices of Sozo are of human invention and require human instruction—not to mention the payment of a “suggested donation.” With its visualization techniques, guided meditation, and “soaking prayer,” Sozo is, in many ways, closer to New Age mysticism than to Christianity. – GotQuestions

Please remember to always consult and seek the truth in God’s Word for any question.