Carl Gallups: Pastor’s Perspective on Politics and Prophecy

by | Feb 20, 2020 | Bible Prophecy, Christianity, Israel, Podcast, Politics and Faith, President Trump | 0 comments

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Let’s face it. America is now a nation where evil is being called good, God is mocked, radicals are trying to gain power, our religious freedoms and right to bear arms are under attack, and a large number in the Democrat Party now support socialism as well as policies giving LGBT individuals special rights. 

And the most pro-Israel administration in U.S. history is under relentless attack, not only for it’s support of Israel, but for standing against globalism, socialism, and a one-world government. How can we maintain an eternal perspective with all this going on all around us? Where might America be headed politically?

TODAY’S GUEST: Pastor and best-selling author, Carl Gallups joins us to discuss the corona-virus, the flu virus in America, Pete Buttigieg’s ‘gay Christianity,’ the Democrat Party debates, their radical & dangerous policies, and where America might be headed.  

Gallups: “Consider how so many of the institutions of education, entertainment, science, technology, and even “the church,” have been directly influenced and distorted by the demonic realm. And think of the younger citizens of this planet who have only known this kind of diabolical fakery — for their entire lives. What kind of world-to-come is being created by this torrent of filth and fraud? Actually, the Bible gives us the answer. It’s all hurtling toward the kingdom reign of the man of lawlessness. And much of today’s church is sound asleep as it approaches.”

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