Christian News, Headlines, & the Super Bowl Halftime Show

by | Feb 3, 2020 | American Church, Christianity, Culture & Morality, Entertainment, Podcast | 1 comment

Did you see the Super Bowl halftime sex show? Knowing it was going to be controversial, many people just turned off the TV or changed the channel. But millions still watched it, and that includes young children. What message did it send? One important question: have Americans become hopelessly desensitized?

Disgusted by the raunchy, immoral performance by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, some say we’re judging nonbelievers. Nope. They need Christ. But as Christians, we must live up to a higher standard. Sanctification means being set apart, but are we, when it comes to entertainment and some of the things we accept as normal today?

The more important question to ask is when it comes to entertainment, have we conformed to this world?

Offensive? Degrading to women? What did you expect? It was a predictable Super Bowl halftime show that included a stage full of scantily clad women, practically non-stop exotic dancing, sexual gestures, hip thrusting, booty shaking, crotch grabbing (I’m not even exaggerating), pole dancing, songs many of us didn’t know and lyrics we couldn’t understand.

On today’s podcast, David and Crash discuss this, then turn their attention to dozens of news stories from the U.S. and around the world. As always, Christians must discern the times and see headlines from a biblical perspective.

An “Empowering” Super Bowl Halftime Sex Show?