John Loeffler: Using the Coronavirus – for What Purposes?

by | Mar 26, 2020 | American Church, Environmentalism, Globalism, Podcast, Politics and Faith | 1 comment

We are living in the most prophetic times in world history as well as some of the most unprecedented times in the U.S. as we deal with the effects of a virus that has impacted nearly every country. Globalists are using the coronavirus to push a one world government. Environmentalists are using it, the Pelosi Democrats are using it, on-line businesses are cashing in, George Soros is using it in attack ads against President Trump, and the communist party is cracking down on Christian churches in China. 

But here’s an important question: Are WE, the church, using this to draw nearer to God, to minister to our neighbors, to offer the security of hope in Christ to people, and to advance the gospel?

TODAY’S GUEST: John Loeffler of Steel on Steel radio is back with us to weigh in on current news and unprecedented events in America and worldwide. 

We get John’s take on how the current pandemic will impact the United States long term, including the economy, elections. We touch on the Senate re coronavirus rescue package and the new challenges facing the world today.