Julaine Appling: Effects of Coronavirus on States, Businesses, Churches

by | Mar 17, 2020 | American Church, Bible Prophecy, Donald Trump, Fake News, Government, Podcast, Politics and Faith, transgenderism | 0 comments

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Our lives in the U.S. have changed, and hopefully this will be temporary, but from state to state, decisions are being made regarding public gatherings and how to do business. Let’s talk openly and honestly as Christians about faith vs fear, and let’s consider how to respond in these trying times. Be informed, not alarmed. Trust the Lord, take precautions, and leave the results to Him.

TODAY’S GUEST – Julaine Appling of Wisconsin Family Council.

Here are some of the important topics we discuss today: Wisconsin Family Action public events with Supreme Court candidates, President Trump’s Day of Prayer proclamation, what churches can do, the Johnson Amendment, the IRS, coronavirus and state governors, the transgender and drag queen movement; more.


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