Jan Markell: An Upside Down World – Signs of the Times

by | Apr 2, 2020 | American Church, Bible Prophecy, Christianity, Discernment, Government, Israel, Jan Markell, One world religion, Podcast | 0 comments

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More and more Americans are turning to God or prayer, believing He is sending a message to the world through the coronavirus. God warns before He judges. The question of the day is how many will heed the warning signs? People are tuning in to sermons and Bible studies on line as much of the nation is following social distancing guidelines. 

TODAY’S GUEST is Jan Markell, Founder, President and Host of Understanding the Times, has written many books, produced DVDs, and incorporated Olive Tree Ministries in 1982.  In her recent newsletter, Jan writes:

“God doesn’t shake the entire globe very often. He did during the time of Noah and at the Tower of Babel. There was a terrible plague in the 1300s and a pandemic in 1918. Two world wars took a stunning toll. But now an unseen enemy—a virus, no less—has created fear-driven chaos, and some unknown factors are causing people to embrace a worst-case outlook for the world. At this time, we don’t know how this plays out. It certainly has apocalyptic implications.”

“Those things aren’t bad in themselves, but it’s as if God is removing any distractions for a moment in history to plead with the world again, ‘Look up! Look to me! This world is temporary. Think about eternal things. I love you. I died for you. Please don’t ignore me. Turn to me now while there is time; I should also add that this is a pebble in the ocean compared to a yet-future global event that will rock the world to its core. If one rapidly spreading virus can cause this type of global disruption, can you imagine what the Rapture will do when tens of millions are removed from the world in an instant?” Todd Hampson


A World Turned Upside Down Jan’s recent newsletter