Kathy Barnette: Being Christian, Black & Conservative in America

by | Apr 8, 2020 | Abortion, Christianity, Culture & Morality, Donald Trump, Podcast, Politics and Faith, Pro-Life | 0 comments

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TODAY’S GUEST: Kathy Barnette is an author, conservative political commentator, veteran, a former adjunct Professor of Corporate Finance, conference speaker, and is running for U.S. Congress in Pennsylvania. Her mother was raped at 11 years old but in the midst of horrific circumstances, decided to give birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Kathy Barnette sat on the Board of a pregnancy crisis center for 5 years, but perhaps her most cherished opportunity, to date, besides being a wife, is the ability to homeschool her two children. Her book, “Nothing to Lose,  Everything to Gain:  Being Black and Conservative in America” explains why liberal policies have failed the black community time and time again.

There was a time when Kathy Barnette bought into the same lie as everyone else-that if you’re black, you must be a Democrat. Until she began to understand what it truly means to be black in America. Barnette contends that being black is more than just the color of her skin. It’s a culture and a consciousness, too. Barnette explains why liberal policies have failed the black community time and time again – and will fail the larger American community as Democrats rush to the hard Left of the party. From Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” to Kanye West’s ongoing war with the liberal establishment, this book provides sharp, eloquent commentary on the most pressing issues facing black Americans today: broken family structure, loss of identity, the legacy of slavery, and more.

Referenced: Psalm 139:13-17, Revelation 1:7-8, Romans 10:9-10

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