Sam Sorbo: ‘They’re Your Kids,’ Teach Them At Home!

by | Apr 8, 2020 | American Church, Christianity, COVID 19, Culture & Morality, Education, Government, Podcast

The church and the nation are in uncharted times due to the effects of COVID 19 on our society, and one of the ares affected is education. Kids are home from public schools across the country and many parents are panicking because they don’t know what to do. How about teaching them yourself?

Today’s guest graduated from Duke University but once thought she was not equipped to teach her own children at home. But since when did education become the government’s job and why have Christian parents given into the chaotic, ineffective education system in the U.S.?

Sam Sorbo is an author, film producer, historian, actress, host of the nationally syndicated Sam Sorbo Show, homeschool advocate, and wife of Kevin Sorbo.

She’s on the podcast to discuss the fact the average mom and dad can in fact, homeschool their children. But we also ask Sam about her latest, upcoming film, Miracle in Texas. She also produced and co-starred on a film she co-wrote, Let There Be Light

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They’re Your Kids: An Inspirational Journey from Self-Doubter to Home School Advocate – For most of us, education was an uncomfortable process of sitting in stifling classrooms, listening to tedious lectures, struggling over stressful exams, and feeling like we were wasting our time and energy. There were class clowns, ruthless bullies, teacher’s pets, popular kids, and students no one wanted to be around. What if we admitted to ourselves that the public school system is tragically flawed, instead of blindly relying on the same misguided, decrepit bureaucracy for our precious children? “Because that’s how I grew up,” just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Our children deserve better than to be institutionalized in an education system developed during the Industrial Age. Even school administrators admit that their students are falling farther behind. San Sorbo has some practical answers.


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