Nursing Home Deaths, Riots, Erasing History: Who’s to Blame?

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On today’s podcast, we discuss many current topics including the censorship of conservatives on big social media including Facebook and Twitter; the left’s failed attempt to sabotage President Trump’s recent rally, what the radicals and rioters are really after, COVID 19 hospitalizations and deaths falling, hate crime hoaxes, and the agenda to tear down American history.

Biblical perspective: We don’t have a skin problem, but a sin problem, and we are saved by the red blood of Jesus Christ! God shows no favoritism, and for believers in Christ, we are a united family in the faith. Once you have the assurance of salvation, your citizenship is in heaven and status doesn’t matter. You no longer care about skin color, but the state of a person’s heart. In this current chaos and unrest, Jesus offers a solution no one else in the world offers: true peace, rest, and everlasting life.

Coronavirus death data from CDC through June 18:

-60% of all fatalities were over the age of 75
-80% of fatalities are over the age of 65
-7% of fatalities under the age of 55
-0.8% of fatalities under 35. (Near 0 deaths under age 18)

“43% of all U.S. deaths occurred in nursing homes, where less than 1% of all Americans live. Go out and live your lives. Take the necessary precautions. If you’re sick stay home. Never fall for this again. Give America back to the American people.” Steve Deace


Do you think any of these five liberal governors will be held accountable for being irresponsible and complicit in the deaths of tens of thousands of elderly Americans in nursing homes? I don’t either. But – what if they were Republican? Sadly, you know the answer.


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