Perspective Check: Persecution, Religious Freedom, and Christ Before Color

by | Jun 15, 2020 | Christianity, Discrimination, Gospel, Persecution, Podcast, Religious Freedom, Social Justice | 0 comments

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Segment 1: Our guest, Kyle Abts, of the International Committee on Nigeria has worked for twenty years in relief and community development with various agencies: Food for the Hungry, Christian Reformed World Relief Committee, Sports Friends and SIM. Serving in Nigeria, he led various projects that included Widows & Orphan care.

The mission of the International Committee on Nigeria (ICON) is to create a community where rule of law guides every facet of societal interactions in Nigeria. ICON promotes human dignity, the right to live, religious freedom, and the protection of the vulnerable against all forms of persecution.

Even though there’s plenty of chaos, division, and civil unrest, we are reminded here in America how blessed this country has been through history as we look at Nigeria and harsh persecution of Christians going on there continually. We get a perspective check in segment 1. We also look at the news and how the city of Seattle has been invaded by anarchists and radicals – and there is much public pressure to conform to the left and blindly follow the activists. We discuss why this is wrong.


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