Statues of Jesus the Next Victims of Cancel Culture?

by | Jun 24, 2020 | American History, Christianity, Culture & Morality, Politics and Faith, Religious Freedom, Social Justice, Worldview | 1 comment

I’ve said many times that practically anything goes in our country; from the liberal media and entertainment industry to public schools and universities, to social media and government to the public square. We live in an ABC culture: Anything But Christ, and evil is being called good.

College students are now attacking unarmed statues across the country. Many activists have now gone from assaulting police, stopping traffic, burning down buildings, blowing up cars, and breaking windows to tearing down federal monuments and statues of historical figures. 

The question is will they now obey the marching orders of racist and radical, Shaun King, a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement. A social justice activist, King unleashed a firestorm Monday on social media saying statues of Jesus Christ are a gross form of white supremacy and must be taken down. 

But we found out a few inconvenient stories about Shaun King. According to Israeli researcher, Adam Berkowitz, in 2018, King led attacks against a white Texas state trooper, spreading the false claims of a black woman arrested for drunk driving who lied about being raped during a traffic stop. 

In 2019, King led a social media campaign to find the drive-by killer of seven-year-old Jazmine Barnes. He posted a photo of a white man causing people to assume the killing was racially motivated. But then the the facts emerged, and the men allegedly connected to the girl’s death were black. Believe it or not, even CNN reported the story.

…Most of what’s happening in American cities is clearly not about racism. This is anti-American hatred stoked by academia for decades and regurgitated by the Democrat media. Check out my report last week on the godless, anti-American education system that groomed a generation of young people to hate their country.

They fall for the lies, get triggered, and act out in hate. The preachers of inclusion and tolerance are once again the most hypocritical and intolerant of free speech and people who are unwilling to conform to group think and follow the mob.

…Pray for those who can’t see through their own hate, guilt-pedaling, and virtue signalling. Pray for Christians who have been caught up in secularism, Marxism, and social justice movements that really aren’t about true justice.

The Bible says whoever believes Jesus will be saved; whoever rejects Jesus and refuses His amazing sacrifice and offer of forgiveness will be condemned. In fact, we are not to recognize people according to physical attributes, class, or country of origin, but according to the spirit. Whether a person is saved or not saved.

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