Author: David Fiorazo

National Day of Diversity, Inclusion, Meditation and Benign Prayer?

There are plenty of examples of the hyper-sensitivity we’ve seen when it comes to offending anyone except those who adhere to the biblical worldview. First, just over a week ago, large numbers of Muslims gathered in Times Square in New York City to openly pray and celebrate Ramadan. But in Florida, a school board decided to commemorate the National Day of Prayer coming up Thursday May 5, and caused a controversy when one member of the board had the audacity – in America – to make an exclusive claim, stating that Jesus Christ is the one true God.

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Perpetual Conflict and Destabilization: The Issue is Never the Issue

Most Christians are not shocked at the cultural battles today, but the number of fronts can seem daunting. Remember: the issue is never the issue. Enemies of God are using every possible crisis to gain power – and they have – and we have been in a purposeful state of perpetual conflict as a result.

In case you haven’t noticed, the left has used constant pressure to force change and extend selected crises to wear down people’s resistance. Until more believers in Christ and His true church recognize and respond to these cultural battles and increasing spiritual warfare, the decline of morality and society will continue at warp speed. Our past silence has had severe consequences.

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The Church in America Must Be the Church!

As we saw in 2020, forces of darkness have been hard at work. The enemy – both human and demonic – coming against us hard. It is stunning, the speed with which our country, culture, freedoms, and very way of life have been attacked and dismantled!

If there was ever a time in American history that the Christian Church needs to be an essential, gospel-preaching, influential, faith-building, fruit-bearing, saint-equipping church, it’s now.

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Tony Gurule: How Can We ‘Make Churches Full Again’?

We discuss the censorship of Christians on social media platforms and liberal media’s panic programming relating to the ‘Rona.’ How can we reach people with truth, facts, and a biblical perspective on life, the gospel, and eternity? We also talk about the church, Constitution, and coming Antichrist.

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The Unintended Power of One Supreme Court Seat

The stakes couldn’t be higher, and the threats are coming in – even before President Trump decided to select a Supreme Court nominee to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg who died last week. And since we know Joe Biden voters have proven themselves more than capable over the last six months of destroying people’s lives, businesses and cities, we know these are real threats.

CNN entertainer, Don Lemon said if Democrats win the presidency and take the U.S. Senate, “We’re going to have to blow up the entire system;” Wake up, Christian friends, and rally the remnant of true believers, those who live and vote what the Bible teaches. The conflict for the soul of America has reached a boiling point. Souls, truth, liberty, and righteousness are on the line. And by the way, your children are watching.

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Redefining Radical: The Case Against Kamala Harris

The contrast is incredibly clear in November: law and order or lawlessness; religious freedom or discrimination against Christians and churches, support of righteousness or endorsing godlessness, support Israel or oppose our great ally; tax cuts or high taxation and regulation; support all human lives or push abortion and global networks such as BLM…

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Joe Biden: ‘More Islam in Public Schools’

“Muslim American voices matter,” That’s what Joe Biden just said in a message to the Million Muslim Votes Summit last weekend. He also referred to Islam as a “great confessional faith.” Interesting.

Joe wants more Islam in public schools. This is not surprising coming from a man who was the VP of the most pro-Muslim, anti-Christian administration in U.S. history, but is he simply pandering for votes?

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