David Fiorazo: Big Tech, Liberal Media Controlled by Democrats

by | Oct 16, 2020 | Christianity, Culture & Morality, Donald Trump, Fake News, Liberalism, Podcast, Politics and Faith | 0 comments

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Today, David covers many articles with a focus being on Christians, free speech, and censorship; an evil, biased, and corrupt national media, big tech influence in elections and political contributions to Democrats, and the Smithsonian celebrating abortion and transgenderism (murder and moral relativism).


Senators To Subpoena Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey For ‘Actively Interfering’ In Election – censorship of news reports that allege Hunter Biden corruption

Silicon Valley Opens Its Wallet for Joe Biden – 95% of contributions by employees of six big tech firms for Biden

Facebook and Twitter Contribute Over 90% to Dems

‘Digital Civil War’: Media and Big Tech Suppress Major News Story with Damaging Email on Biden

Conservatives Must Fight Big Tech or Lose – The problem isn’t simply radicalism. It’s power.

Is ‘evil’ too strong a word to describe the media?


Trump’s Character Is Not The Issue – Why I Can’t Take the Character Charge Seriously

Top Resource Links for Christian Conservatives

PRAYER: Remarks by Dr. Rick Scarborough for The Return in D.C.

The Best! Pastors and Patriots: 2020 Podcasts on God & Government – Listen to bold men and women of faith including Andy Woods, Paul Blair, Steve Smothermon, Jan Markell, Rick Scarborough, Gary Kah, Heidi St. John, Dan Fisher, Elijah Abraham, Alex Newman, John Haller, Stephen Broden, Julaine Appling, Scott Lively, Chris Quintana, Saiko Woods, JB Hixson, and Bill Cook.

Cancelled due to emergency, today’s Guest: Pray for Ryan Bomberger (Radiance Foundation)  in hospital w/blot clots in lungs