In His Image: Truth & Grace vs Delusion & LGBT Agenda

by | Oct 21, 2020 | Christianity, Education, gender confusion, LGBTQ, Media Bias, Podcast, Religious Freedom, Worldview | 0 comments

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In Segment 1 today, our guest is former transgender, Laura Perry, an author and speaker who is featured in the brand new documentary, In His Image. In her painful past and “transition,” Laura admits she created a god in her own image, and at one point she legally changed her name to “Jake.” She’s now with First Stone Ministries, transformed by Christ. 

We discuss the new documentary, the goal for it as well as other contributors. Plus, Joe Biden wanting children as young as 8 to be able to choose their gender, NFL pushing social activism and LGBT history month, and Oreo running gay pride ads with rainbow colored Oreos.

Tuesday was the full digital release of our new, original, feature-length documentary from American Family Studios titled:

In His Image: Delighting in God’s Plan for Gender and Sexuality.

In His Image addresses extremely important questions like:

  • “What does the Bible say about homosexuality and gender identity?”
  • “Can you be gay and be a Christian?”
  • “How should church members respond to members who are gay or facing challenges with their gender identity?”

Dr. Robert Jeffress, who is senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas:

“I think the strongest parts of In His Image are the testimonies of those who have suffered from sexual or gender confusion and how God delivered them out of the darkness into the light. The film reminds us that change is really possible with the Spirit of God. In His Image did a great job of blending biblical truth with scientific fact and Christian compassion.”


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The book, Transgender to Transformedis the story of Laura Perry’s “transition” as she changed her name, lifestyle, and had surgeries to live as transgender (“Jake”) for nearly nine years before being radically set free by Jesus Christ.

Redefining Truth: Delusions of Replacing God and Calling Evil Good by David Fiorazo