David Fiorazo: What We Can Learn (So Far) from 2020

by | Nov 27, 2020 | Bible Prophecy, Christianity, Culture & Morality, Globalism, Joe Biden, Podcast, Politics and Faith, President Trump | 0 comments

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Though the year is not over yet, most of us can’t wait to say goodbye to 2020. But our lives won’t suddenly change or improve just because the calendar says 2021. Our faith will continue to be tested!

Today we review some key events that should alarm and awaken Christians and freedom-loving Americans. 

It’s been a year of political angst and division, dealing with the coronavirus and liberal media’s panic reporting, seeing businesses and property destroyed due to government shut-downs and rioters, questioning our right to vote and be counted fairly, and serious threats to Christian churches as well as private holiday gatherings. What’s next?

First, we need to recognize things will never go back to the way they were. (notice I avoided the word “normal”) How long, Oh Lord?! Lawlessness will increase and the left will keep COVID restrictions going as long as possible. Globalists will continue their godless push for the prize of America. This is a worldview war, and two important chapters of Scripture relating to our times include Romans 1 and 2 Timothy 3. Armor up and saddle up, friends! We are in for an incredibly rough ride, but we know Truth wins in the end and King Jesus returns to rule and reign!


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