Andy Woods: China Driving the Liberal Media Marxist Coup

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TODAY’S GUEST:  Dr. Andy Woods, author, pastor and teacher at Sugar Land Bible Church in Texas, President of Chafer Theological Seminary, and founder of Andy Woods Ministries. A few of his books include The Coming KingdomThe Falling Away, Ever Reforming, and The Middle East Meltdown: The Coming Islamic Invasion of Israel.

Insurrection Act? We discuss the liberal media narrative driving the Chinese-backed Marxist coup taking place before our eyes in America and the legal options still available to President Trump; the coming global surveillance state, Middle East peace efforts, and a Christmas wrap-up from Pastor Andy Woods.

SHARE THIS: “Mr. President, 80 million of us want you use the Insurrection Act to suspend the January GA Senate run off & the Inauguration so military tribunals can first be set up to properly investigate and resolve the cyber warfare and foreign interference in the Nov. 3, 2020 election.@realDonaldTrump

2020 In Review: Pastor Andy Wood’s Top 5 Prophetic Concerns

  1. Cultural Marxism and the decline of America.
  2. The social justice movement and the decline of the evangelical church.
  3. The recent Middle East peace efforts.
  4. Covid 19 as preparation for the coming global surveillance state.
  5. The rise of foreign interference by America’s international enemies in our electoral system thereby making America a client state of the New World order.

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