JB Hixson: Censorship, Last Days Deception, and ‘Gender Surrender’

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TODAY’S GUEST: Dr. J. B. Hixson is pastor of Plum Creek Chapel in Sedalia, Colorado, and the author of nine books, including The Great Last Days Deception, and The Rapture Series. He has contributed to theological journals and his radio program, Not By Works airs each weekday. JB and his wife Wendy have been married for 28 years.

JB recently said that “We are rapidly heading into a time when they will censor anything having to do with Jesus Christ or the Gospel, etc., calling it “hate speech.”  

“Censorship is rampant and it will not be long before any references to Jesus, the Gospel, or biblical truth will be shut down.” JB Hixson

We discuss how Christians are being pressed and pressured today in many ways and what we need to do about it. Open bias and censorship of Christians and conservatives is practically encouraged today in America of all places! Another part of the last days deception is what JB refers to as the “gender surrender.”

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