Corey Miller: The Catastrophe of Critical Race Theory, Worldly Philosophies

by | Apr 19, 2021 | American Church, Apologetics, Christianity, Heresy, Liberalism, Podcast, Social Justice | 0 comments

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Today on Stand Up For The Truth, Host David Fiorazo speaks with Corey Miller on Critical Race Theory and why it’s a threat to the church.

Dr. Corey Miller is the President/CEO of Ratio Christi (2015-Present). He grew up in Utah as a seventh generation Mormon, and came to Christ in 1988. He has served on pastoral staff at four churches, and has taught nearly 100 college courses in philosophy, theology, rhetoric, and comparative religions.

He has taught at Indiana University, Purdue, and Multnomah University, his work has been published in various journals, and Corey is also author or co-author of several books – including his latest release, Engaging with Mormons: Understanding their World, Sharing Good News (2020).

Dr. Miller holds masters degrees in philosophy, biblical studies, and in philosophy of religion and ethics. His PhD is in philosophical theology from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. He is passionate about defending and proclaiming the truth of the Gospel in winsome and bold ways. Miller lives with his wife Melinda and three children in Indiana.

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