Green Bay vs. Wisconsin Election Commission

by | Apr 20, 2021 | Culture & Morality, Democrat Party, Government, liberal media | 0 comments

A group of Green Bay residents filed a lawsuit against Green Bay officials and Meagan Wolfe of the Wisconsin Election Commission due to the allowance of third party election operations. It appears the third party group took over the election and followed their own processes and procedures. In doing so, election laws may have been violated. The lawsuit explains the situation thoroughly.

Campaigns & Elections Committee

The Campaigns & Elections Committee met on April 14th to hear the proposed legislation below. The committee will continue to hold hearings on legislation as well as the election investigation.

AB 51: Currently, there is no requirement to provide public notice of an open seat for county and local elections – only state elections. This bill would require public notice of such openings.

AB 172: Requires the Wisconsin Elections Commission to publish meeting minutes on their website within 48 hours.

AB 173: Prohibits local election officials from receiving private funds to run Wisconsin elections. It also requires ballot tabulators to take an oath of office like every other election official and prohibits employees of political campaigns from serving as poll workers.

AB 94: Currently, most students who are 16 or 17 years of age and in good school standing can serve as an election inspector. This bill simply allows homeschooled students the same privileges.