Terry James: Strange (and not so strange) Signs of the End Times

by | Apr 16, 2021 | Bible Prophecy, Discernment, Podcast | 0 comments

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Today on Stand Up For The Truth, Host David Fiorazo speaks with Terry James , an author, general editor, and co-author of numerous books on Bible prophecy, hundreds of thousands of which have been sold worldwide. James is a frequent lecturer on the study of end times phenomena, and interviews often with national and international media on topics involving world events relating to Bible prophecy. He is the author of LAWLESS: End Times War Against the Spirit of Antichrist, and his brand new novel, MICHAEL: Last Days Lightening

We discuss prophetic end-times scenarios, the spirit of antichrist, and ‘strange stellar signs;’ we also touch on big tech censorship, and the power grab by Democrats in Congress moving to pack the Supreme Court with liberal justices.

Luke 21:5-9


Terry James’ 2020 book: LAWLESS: The End-Times War Against the Spirit of Antichrist

Today, chaos and turmoil inflame daily life within the fever of uncertainty. Geopolitical and cultural/societal upheaval tear at the heart of America and the world. Much of humanity is in a state of growing rage, while an infinitesimally small enemy visible only under powerful microscopes holds populations in its fear-paralyzing, pandemic grip.

NEW! – MICHAEL–Stunning new novel :: By Terry James

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