Steven Garofalo: Equipping Believers, Worldview Issues & 3 Big Stories

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TODAY’S GUEST:  Steven Garofalo, founder and president of Reason For Truth ministry located in Charlotte, NC. Steven speaks and teaches on issues relating to Christian Apologetics and moral issues. Steven has taught courses in Ethics, World Religions and Bible Doctrine at the Institute of Bible Studies at Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, NC and his vision is to equip a new generation of Christians to better discern and defend the truth regarding religious and moral Issues.

Steven is the host of Reason for Truth podcast, and is the author of author of Right For You, But Not For Me: A Response To Moral Relativism;  All Roads Don’t Lead To Heaven: Discovering God In The New Age, and EQUIPPED, Basic Training in Christian Apologetics For Evangelism.

We discuss the importance of preparing Christians to defend the faith and give good answers to basic worldview questions; apologetics, refuting the Coexist lie and contrasting major religions; finally, the promotion of Islam and LGBTQ, and some great news out of the Supreme Court.

EQUIPPED: Basic Training in Apologetics for Evangelism – answers 6 of the most popular questions relating to God, religion and Christianity. Goals of the book: First, inoculate youth for the secular world they are about to enter. Second, shore up and strengthen the faith of all believers who have been called by God to live out their faith in God through Jesus Christ in a highly secular New Age culture. Third, equip students, young adults, parents, and grandparents with a basic training in Christian apologetics. Why? We must be better able to defend the Christian faith and execute the Great Commission.

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