Christopher Cone: What is Authentic ‘Social’ Justice?

by | Jul 20, 2021 | American Church, Apostacy, False Teaching, Liberalism, Podcast, Progressive Christianity, Social Justice | 0 comments

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TODAY’S GUEST – Christopher Cone serves as President and CEO of AgathonEDU Educational Group, leads, Colorado Biblical University and has served as a President (Vyrsity, Colorado Biblical University, Calvary University, Tyndale Theological Seminary), a Chief Academic Officer (Southern California Seminary), and as a Research Professor (Vyrsity, Colorado Biblical University, Calvary University, Southern California Seminary).

He is the author and general editor of more than fifteen books, including Authentic Social Justice, our topic for today.

We discuss the God of justice from a biblical worldview, social justice, and ideologies of man including worldly philosophies that cause disunity and distraction from the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

Authentic Social Justice affirms the equality of all and the need for justice for all by examining the implications of a Biblical approach to socio-political issues, including foundations for individual rights, life and death, gender, equality, and sexuality, racial justice, and environmental ethics. Authentic Social Justice explains that the Biblical model results in a kind of social justice that is authentic in a way that we were all created to enjoy.


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