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TODAY’S GUEST is Jan Markell, founder and President of Olive Tree Ministries and Host of Understanding the Timeshas written many books, produced DVDs, and incorporated Olive Tree Ministries in 1982. We share her ministry focus to be pro-Israel, prophecy-oriented, and discernment-focused, striving to help you understand the times and contend for the faith.

Today we discuss the “short list” of concerning theologies and false teachings that have crept into Christian churches in America and look at Jan’s latest article, “Why Many Churches Today Can Never Understand the Times.”

Thankfully, there are some who refuse to buckle to false theology and reject the aberrant, having a love for the truth! May their number increase! Our times will continue to get crazier and people will desperately search for some answers. But because so few churches actually embrace theological truth, the sheep just wander from church to church trying to find one that will help them cope during these last days.” Jan Markell


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