Sarah Christensen: We’re all in Ministry, the Hands & Feet of Jesus

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TODAY’S GUEST – Sarah Christensen founded Frontline Harvest Ministry from a small Bible study that began in her Green Bay, WI home over ten years ago. Recognizing the fact many hurting, lost people were uncomfortable going to a church, a local outreach seemed to be the answer for drug dealers, strippers, prostitutes, addicts, and former prison inmates who felt outcast in society and unwelcome in traditional churches.

Frontline Harvest Ministry is doing the Lord’s work, preaching the gospel, mentoring women, helping those who want to know about Jesus and learn the Bible. Sarah and her team work through church services, street outreach, community events, a women’s home, study groups and dinners, children’s ministry, and prayer meetings. As a former dancer, Sarah also created the Hands and Feet Dance Team, which helps bring healing and transformation to young girls so they can take the Gospel and the love of Jesus back to their communities through service to God.

Today, we get back to some basics today and encourage believers to minister to those around them regardless of your education or ministry experience. Love, care, challenge, disciple, and speak the truth in love and without compromise. Many churches are not equipping the saints so we all have to do our part to build the body of Christ and engage culture. 

Questions for Sarah about volunteering or donating items to Harvest Home: (920) 366-6988

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