Russ Miller: Worldview War, Compromise on Truth, Age of the Earth

by | Dec 24, 2021 | Christianity, Climate Change, Education, Environmentalism, Gospel, Moral Relativism, Podcast, Progressive Christianity | 0 comments

TODAY’S GUEST is Russ Miller of Creation Ministries. Russ is a speaker, teacher, and author of 5 creation-oriented books, including “The COSΤ,” he has written & illustrated 2 kids coloring books, developed 16 PowerPoint seminars, a DVD Series & Study Guide, leads Grand Canyon Rim, Raft & Grand Staircase Tours, has been on hundreds of radio programs, and has spoken on college campuses, at conferences and on many Christian TV programs.

We discuss how important it is for Christians to have a solid foundation on the Word of God, especially the Book of Genesis, and that the Global Flood is the lynchpin in the War of Worldviews (Secular/Humanist view vs Biblical view). We also touch on compromised Christian views such as theistic evolution.


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