Western Journal: Woke CEOs Will Wallow in Regret After Hateful BLM Issues Demand That Could Wreck Their Companies

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Western Journal: No matter how much money huge corporations give to Black Lives Matter, the organization still thinks that “capitalism doesn’t love black people.”

Despite the fact that the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation has no shortage of well-heeled companies on its donor list, the group has announced another “Black Xmas,” urging supporters to shop with black-owned businesses this holiday season.

We’ve covered previous incarnations of this event here at The Western Journal — including the 2019 edition, which included a call “to engage in ‘cooperative economics’ (the Kwanzaa principle of Ujamaa), which is a call to develop models that bring collective benefit.” As the mainstream media continues to let this pass with an uncritical eye, we’ll keep reminding America why the organization is so divisive.

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