Jason Jimenez: Christian Response to Russia, Ukraine, China, Wars, Apostasy

by | Feb 28, 2022 | American Church, Biblical Social Justice, Christian Church, Culture & Morality, Globalism, Podcast, Politics and Faith, Spiritual Warfare | 1 comment

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TODAY: Jason Jimenez, founder of STAND STRONG Ministries and faculty member at Summit Ministries. He is a pastor, apologist, and national speaker who has ministered to families for over twenty years. As a Pastor, Jason has invested in marriages, families, and churches to help them have a greater impact in their communities.

Jason has authored several books: his latest is Challenging Conversations: A Practical Guide to Discuss Controversial Topics in the Church;  The Raging War of Ideas: How to Take Back Our Faith, Family, and Country, co-authored The Official Study Guide to I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist, and The Bible’s Answers to 100 of Life’s Biggest Questions with Dr. Norman Geisler;  Stand Strong America: Courage, Freedom & Hope for Tomorrow, and Abandoned Faith: Why Millennials Are Walking Away and How You Can Lead Them Home.

We discuss God’s sovereignty, Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the most aggressive global attack since WWII. We also touch on the prophecy in Ezekiel, China, progressive ‘Christianity,’ and increasing LGBTQ influence.

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