Pastor Randy White: ‘Evangelical Garbage’ & Un-Biblical Churches

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TODAY’S GUEST: Pastor and author Randy White, Randy White Ministries and Dispensational Publishing; founder of John Nelson Darby Academy. Today, we discuss some recent headlines and his brand new book, Evangelical Garbage.

Evangelical Garbage: How Evangelicalism is Confused, Manipulative, and Downright Dangerous

The reviews are in! The “average folk” of evangelicalism will agree with this book. The leaders and vision-casters and dream-makers of evangelicalism will hate it. This book will make you mad at times, sad at other times, and hopefully give voice to your concerns.

The author has often written and spoken about the dangers of evangelicalism, its cousin ecumenicalism, and its parent, the church-growth movement. In this hard-hitting book, he spells out the confusion of the evangelical movement. And even more, he points out the manipulative manner of the movement, and the danger it posses to your family, your church, and your community.

If you are comfortable with things as they now stand in local churches, skip this book.


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