Christians, Politics & the ‘Separation of Church and State’ Lie

by | Mar 17, 2022 | Big Tech, Christianity, Culture & Morality, Education, Election Fraud, gender confusion, LGBTQ, Podcast, Politics and Faith, Public Schools | 0 comments

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Too many Americans and a large number of Christians have been deceived to think believers should stay out of politics, but can we truly separate our faith in Christ from certain aspects of our daily lives? Furthermore, Barna research shows a high number of pastors admit the Bible addresses every aspect of life and yet, only around 10% say they are willing to speak about social, cultural, and controversial (moral!) issues from the pulpit.

On the podcast, two local believers getting off the bench and into the ‘game,’ Steve Kane and Joy Goeben discuss with David Fiorazo local politics and education and the challenges that a Christian conservative candidate faces. Steve Kane is running for school board in the Seymour, WI school district and Joy Goeben is running for WI State Assembly District 5.  We cover much ground today!



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