Doreen Virtue: New Age Deceptions, Holy Yoga, Jesus Calling, Doctrines of Demons

by | Mar 22, 2022 | American Church, Christian Growth, Discernment, New Age, Podcast, Progressive Christianity, Spiritual Warfare, Word Faith | 1 comment

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TODAY’S GUEST: Doreen Virtue, former New Age author, raised in the religion of Christian Science, and after becoming the top-selling new age author at a major publishing house, Doreen began studying the Bible and surrendered her life to Jesus. Doreen left the new age, denounced her previous books and practices. Her latest book is Deceived No More: How Jesus Led Me out of the New Age and into His Word.

Doreen Virtue holds a B.A. and M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Chapman University, and she is currently working on an M.A. in Biblical and Theological Studies from Western Seminary to learn how to rightly divide the Word, and how to encourage other women to study the Bible. Doreen Virtue shares her concerns about subtle influences of New Age and other unbiblical practices and warns Christians to know God’s Word better and be discerning. A few topics include Yoga, mindfulness, Jesus Calling products, positive thinking, and Word Faith theology.

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