Dr. Mark Christian, Islam Vs. Truth; The Growing Power and Depravity of Disney

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TODAY’S GUEST is Dr. Mark ChristianPresident and Executive Director of the Global Faith Institute. A former Islamic Imam who converted from Islam to Christianity, he has dedicated his life and work to the proposition that “the first victims of Islam are the Muslim themselves.” His book is called, The Apostate: My Search for the Truth. Dr. Christian was raised in the epicenter of the Muslim Brotherhood and understands their goal of world conquest. He provides insight into the players, alliances, motives, and movements taking place in the Muslim world and the impact it is having on around the globe and specifically, in America.

Through Global Faith Institute, Mark works with churches, schools, and civic organizations to educate about Islam and the civilization jihad taking place today.  Their mission is to give a voice to the victims of Islam, expose the real war on women, and protect the US constitution and our Judeo-Christian values.  

The Apostate- My Search for Truth – Dr. Mark Christian This book takes you on Mark’s journey as he tries to prove to himself Islam is the true religion. It shows the horror he feels as he faces the truth. It finally takes you to his greatest discovery, Jesus is love, and Jesus is the God he was searching for his entire life. Having now lived and ministered in America for years, he also has a message for America about the dangers to which we are headed based on his intimate knowledge of life in a dictatorial country (Egypt) and what he sees here.


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