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SEGMENT 1 – 2:  Today’s special guest is author, trafficking survivor, Andi Buerger, founder of Voices Against Trafficking and Beulah’s Place.  She’s also the author of A Fragile Thread of Hope, the true story of her remarkable journey to healing and personal triumph, her fierce determination to rescue others like herself, and the desire to give all victims of sexual predators a genuine voice. 

Human trafficking in the U.S. is a $13 billion per year criminal endeavor, with worldwide tentacles. In America, an alarming number of young people are targeted by human traffickers dealing in child prostitution, pedophilia, sexual slavery and pornography. After the illegal drug trade, human trafficking is the second largest criminal enterprise.

A Fragile Thread of Hope (Amazon link) A Fragile Thread of Hope explores the epidemic of teen homelessness and sex trafficking pervasive throughout America, even in its smaller towns. The book combines Andi’s own story with first-person accounts of four survivors rescued by Beulah’s Place, a nonprofit created by Andi and Ed Buerger in Central Oregon. “These amazing true stories from courageous young voices who have beaten the odds and gone on to incredible successes teach us that what we think we see is not always the reality,” 

SEGMENT 3 – David dives into the onslaught of LGBTQ pride propaganda and how a minority are saturating our culture with progressive perversion. What can Christians do?


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