TODAY’S GUEST: Pastor Claude T. Stauffer is a graduate of Hofstra University (B.A. Sociology) and Asbury Theological Seminary (Master of Divinity). He has been in ministry since 1986 has been the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel of Hope in Amityville, New York, since 1993. He served bi-vocationally as a pastor and social worker for 16 years. He also serves as a chaplain on the New York State Chaplaincy Task Force. Pastor Claude has been happily married to his wife Dee since 1980. They have three grown children who are all married. He’s written over a dozen inductive study books and his brand new book is called:

Don’t Give Up! Don’t Give In! God is My Judge: An Inductive Study of the Book of Daniel

Why should we study the book of Daniel? Because Daniel and his three friends represent the best of God’s soldiering. And soldiering for the LORD is what is needed in our day. Daniel lived during a very discouraging time in the history of Israel. As we study through it, we will be able to relate a lot of what we are experiencing today with what Daniel and his friends encountered during their captivity. He maneuvered through the swamp of his world, (and did so in a victorious God-glorifying way); Daniel’s life spanned the entire 70-year Babylonian captivity.


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