TODAY’S GUEST: Holly Varnum, speaker and writer at Reasons For Hope ministry. Holly has written curriculum for ministries such as Focus on the Family and Answers in Genesis; she was editor of the book, Did Jesus Commit Suicide? And 27 Other Questions Teens Are Asking About the Bible, she is a former Christian school teacher and charter school administrator, and speaks at ladies’ meetings and banquets, Christian school and charter school conferences. 

We discuss the need for believers to be ready to defend the faith and explain WHY we believe and why Christianity is true. We also talk about questions teenagers are asking, and the DeBunked video series including a quote from a recent video: “your WHAT can crumble in a second if you don’t have a strong WHY, even if your what is right.”

In segment 2, David shares some recent news stories and discusses the important concept “Hours of influence,” as well as our godless culture, media, and school system. 

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