Mary Danielsen: America Abandons Israel, Big Pharma, The Beginning and The End

by | Apr 20, 2023 | Bible Prophecy, Big Pharma, Christianity, COVID 19, End Times, Israel, Joe Biden, Mary Danielsen, Middle East, New World Order, Pandemic, Pandemic Propaganda, Podcast, Revelation 18 | 0 comments

Today, Mary Danielsen talks about what happens when the world order is flipped upside down and the west abandons all reason to appease the enemies of Israel. As turmoil in Israel ramps up, how can we make sense of the geopolitical scene? How will the nations respond to the continuing decline of the influence of  United States? The bible points to all eyes being on the Eastern Hemisphere as we get closer to the end of the age.  In the second half of the podcast, Mary takes aim at the history of Big Pharma and shows how the global covid experience was inevitable, and how God intends to respond as outlined in Revelation 18.

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