Dr. Tim Murphy: The Christ Cure; SEG 2- Tucker, Truth, Trans Agenda

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TODAY: Dr. Tim Murphy is a licensed psychologist specializing in recovery from psychological trauma, and author of three books. He consults on mental health and public policy with national organizations an speaks extensively throughout the US. He served in the Pennsylvania State Senate and was elected to the US House of Representatives eight times. He served eight years as an officer in the Medical Service Corps of the US Navy Reserve, achieving the rank of Commander. 

Murphy worked on the staff in the inpatient Traumatic Brain Injury/PTSD unit at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD, and his new book is called The Christ Cure: Ten Biblical Ways to Heal from Trauma Tragedy and PTSD (2023 Humanix). Dr. Murphy is the founder and clinical director of Fortis-Future near Pittsburgh, PA specializing in the care of veterans, military and first responders, with a comprehensive brain and behavioral health treatment program for PTSD.

Book description: A valuable guide for anyone dealing with PTSD, trauma and tragedy, family members of trauma victims, clergy who seek a better understanding of psychology, and for counselors who seek a better understanding of the role of faith in healing from trauma. THE CHRIST CURE is comprehensive handbook of healing for victims of trauma and their families, guiding the reader through a unique path of true restoration, inspired by the life and works of the Apostle Paul (a survivor of multiple traumas), by modern day mentors, the humbling personal experiences of the author, Psychologist, Navy veteran and former Member of Congress Dr. Tim Murphy, and reinforced by solid scientific research.



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