Jeff Wagner: Sobering, ‘Satanic Evil’ Plan to Destroy the West

by | May 25, 2023 | American History, Big Tech, communist policy, Grace Schara, Podcast, Religious Freedom, vaccines | 0 comments

TODA’S GUEST: Jeff Wagner, host of The Patriot Review podcast on Jeff is a proud midwestern dad, Christian, and Constitutional Conservative American! New episodes of The Patriot Review are live streamed every Sunday at 4 PM Central time CloutHub and Rumble, and you can hear recent episodes at Jeff also produces documentaries and the brand new release is called Breaking the Oath
What happens when so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ are proved true? We discuss how C’v’d was intentionally developed, released and spread to reduce the earth’s population! What’s more the treatment protocols and the vaccine are the tools of this satanic evil, resulting in the deaths of millions. The UN and the World Economic Forum have openly plotted and initiated this demonic medical tyranny as part of a detailed and deliberate plan to destroy western civilization. Provocative? Listen to this.