Pete Garcia: New World Order – War of Worldviews

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TODAY’S GUEST: Pete Garcia is a retired military combat veteran and aviator, writer, researcher, speaker, and teacher of Bible prophecy and apologetics; HE’S a graduate of the US Army’s prestigious Command and General Staff College. He was called by the Lord to start writing at the age of 33 and wrote for Jack Kinsella’s The Omega Letter from 2011-2018. He has since branched out to create this website under the banner of rev310. To date, he has written over 600 articles that are carried out on numerous websites and platforms. He has contributed written chapters to three Terry James published books (DiscernersLawless, and Trajectory), co-wrote two non-fiction books (The Disappearing and the New World Order), and published three of his own Christian fiction novels Hobo Vol I and II, and Kingdom of the Ring. Pete is happily married and has five children.

New World Order: Worlds in Collision and The Rebirth of Liberty

The tell-tale signs of the impending collapse of Western civilization are all around us: out-of-control national debt; corruption at every level of governmental bureaucracy; every major city suffering from rampant crime and lawlessness; general breakdown of Western education systems; and open borders allowing a tsunami of illegal drugs and human trafficking to flood our nations. …It’s the general departure from common sense we see from top to bottom―stirring up confusion about even things like where life begins, what it means to be human, and how many actual genders there are―that does not bode well for our way of life. In other words, if we can’t get the basic, common-sense things right, how do we expect to deal with the cataclysmic threats that seem to be multiplying by the day? …progressives, liberals, and globalists are obsessed with merging ancient paganism into modern technology to excise God’s created order via the Great Reset. Even the biological order the Creator determined is under assault from the human and demonic powers and principalities of Ephesians 6:12.

We discuss the latest book from authors Pete Garcia and Terry James, New World Order -Worlds in Collision and the Rebirth of Liberty.


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