Mary Danielsen: The Age of Acceleration – Historical and Spiritual Trends that Signal The End Of The Age

by | Jun 1, 2023 | American Church, Apostasy, Bible Prophecy, Christianity, Hillsong, Podcast | 0 comments

On today’s podcast, Mary Danielsen looks at the fast track and eventual disintegration of Hillsong, in light of the release of the new documentary. In historical context, the downgrade of sound doctrine began in the late 19th century and led us to this self-oriented church culture. What should a true church look like? What is “apostasy” and how can we spot it readily and the damage it does?

In the 2nd half of the podcast, a timeline of history of the last 120 years is explored, with an emphasis on how much we have seen God’s hand in the affairs of men, leading up to the birth of the Modern State of Israel and the modern EU as God situates His plan for both Jew and Gentile in the last days.