From The Schara Family – Upcoming Court Hearing Update

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Court Hearing July 14th!

We have some good news to share. We had previously reported that the July 14th Motion to Dismiss hearing (attached) would only be virtual. Our Wisconsin attorney e-mailed Scott and said, “The courtroom will be open for this hearing. You can attend, your family can attend, the public can attend.” Scott is able to sit at the plaintiff’s table; he will only be allowed to speak if the judge calls on him. We are encouraging all who would like to support us that day to arrive, beginning at 9:00 a.m.

PDF Document Here

Some particulars regarding the hearing on 7/14:

Our family is planning on being to the courthouse at 9:00 a.m. to greet supporters and pray before entering the facility. We encourage you to bring signs, but do not bring them into the courtroom. This is an important event and a critical step in our case!

Also, per Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules, audio and video recording is not allowed inside any Wisconsin Courtroom. The media may be allowed to record but must make an advance request in writing for media access to the Clerk of Courts.

Some comments from Scott:

The essence of the defense’s motion is to make this case about malpractice, in order to limit liability. The defense also wants the judge to dismiss our request for declaratory judgment regarding the illegal DNR order. This case is much larger than malpractice. It is first about the lack of informed consent (a battery) leading to malpractice, which led to Grace’s wrongful death. Chicken/egg: Our case arises out of lack of informed consent. If we would have had informed consent, medical negligence would not have taken place, and Grace would be with us today. Therefore, the basis of their motion isn’t valid. It is secondly about protecting the public from doctors unilaterally placing Do Not Resuscitate orders on patients. The doctor’s regulatory agency in Wisconsin, the Department of Safety and Professional Services, wrote on December 5, 2022, that the Wisconsin DNR statute “does not apply to physicians operating in a hospital, non-emergency room setting such as the one in question.”

Interestingly, the defense isn’t bashful about their motive. In their Brief, they write, “The Legislature’s purpose in enacting a statutory scheme to govern claims for damages arising out of alleged medical negligence was to encourage health care providers to remain in Wisconsin by imposing certain limits on the causes of action that a patient or her family member can pursue, and on the types and amount of damages that can be recovered.” FYI, the word ‘scheme’ fits like a glove.

Think about this statement of motive – ‘we need to limit liability for doctors, or they won’t come to our State’ is the basis for a law targeting the citizens impacted by medical malfeasance. Do good doctors need liability protection? This game has been implemented by the “health care” lobby to facilitate the culture of death. How has The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, eliminating liability for vaccine manufacturers, worked out? Ask someone with autism if you are wondering. How about someone who died suddenly of the newly invented Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, as the result of taking the “vaccine” that was going to be our savior? God’s economy has consequences for choices. When consequences are removed, by law, the effects are catastrophic.