Inductive Bible Study: Observing, Interpreting, Applying the Word With Skill

by | Jul 20, 2023 | Bible Study, Christian Growth, Christianity, Discipleship, Education, Hermeneutics, Mary Danielsen, Podcast, Teaching | 0 comments

Ruth Christian and Mary Danielsen discuss the Inductive Bible Study tool to help the listener reignite their study of the Scriptures. Inductive study is for anyone who desires a deeper knowledge of the proper context of the Word and how to apply it. With a new statistical low in the polls of Americans who actually believe the bible is the inerrant Word of God, those who desire to live by every word can use these tools to be sure of what they believe, skillfully applying the Word to their own lives and to the events of the everyday world around them. What about commentaries? How do I do a word study? What about difficult passages? With Inductive study, taking passages out of context and building doctrines out of them is revealed for what it is, a lack of understanding of basic bible hermeneutics. Whether you’re a parent, missionary, student, home study leader or just want to understand the Bible – and your God –  better, this is a good introduction.

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