JB Hixson: Bible Paradoxes and Antinomies – Contradictory or Complementary?

by | Jul 27, 2023 | Apologetics, Bible Study, Christian Growth, Christianity, Contending for the Faith, Mary Danielsen, Pastor's Perspective, Podcast, Theology, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Dr. Hixson talks with Mary Danielsen and Crash Connell about those passages in Scripture that seem to contradict themselves and yet, when understood in context, bring greater understanding and clarity. Context is king,  and letting the bible interpret itself is the only way to navigate the stickier passages of Scripture. We discuss antinomies, paradoxes and contradictions, and the human factor in reasoning them out. One of the arguments we often hear from those who dismiss the bible outright is that it contains contradictions- and yet we know that when human understanding clashes with Scripture, the humans must take the position that they are incorrect, and God is correct. Join us for a discussion that may challenge and educate all at once. Sharpen your sword!


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