Randy White: Homeschooling and the Biblical Worldview; Evangelicalism’s Descent into Ecumenism

by | Jul 7, 2023 | American Church, Apostasy, Christianity, Education, Evangelicalism, Homeschooling, Podcast | 0 comments

Pastor Randy White (not the apostate) - Nelson Darby Academy Founder

Pastor Randy White

Today guest Randy White was joined by Crash Connelll and Mary Danielsen in a discussion on the merits of homeschooling and the importance of bringing together every aspect of a child’s life and education to the glory of God. Also discussed was Pastor Randy’s book, “How Evangelicalism is Confused, Manipulative, and Downright Dangerous.” What is an Evangelical? How has today’s evangelicalism morphed into an ecumenical soup fueled by biblical illiteracy? Where did the church derail and can we point to a specific movement or program? A challenging discussion for both parents and the average churchgoer.

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