Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson: A Family Tree For All of Humanity – A New Era For Creation Science

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Mary Danielsen chats with Wisconsin’s own Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson about phenomenal advances in Creation Science due to DNA, creating a story of the people of the whole world. Every human a descendant of 2 people? Why yes, and we will discuss how that works from the ground-breaking work of Dr. Jeanson of Answers in Genesis. What does it mean to be a biologist for Creation Science? Why do Darwinists rely on 150-year-old “science” to explain something as important as the origins of life? Probably because they have no other source for truth besides an outdated theory that promises that they don’t need to bother God for the truth. Evolution has clearly been a source of much mischief in the final era of history.

For more in-depth study, his books, “Traced: Human DNA’s Big Surprise” and “Replacing Darwin” can be found at Amazon.com. His ground-breaking video series “A New History of the Human Race” can be found on the Answers in Genesis YouTube Channel and is a valuable resource for historians, bible students, and homeschoolers alike.

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