Jay Seegert: Shining Brightly in a World Gone Mad

by | Nov 16, 2023 | American Church, Apologetics, Christianity, Creationism, Culture & Morality, Discipleship, Education, Evangelism, Podcast | 0 comments

Jay Seegert and Mary Danielsen discuss being a witness in a crazy world. The Lord has allowed the church to be here in this season and so we must be about His business. What does that look like? And if even those who don’t know God are wondering where our culture disappeared to, it’s a ready-made time for us to be looking for opportunities to share the hope in us. Jay is an apologist, creationist, and a great example of someone who is able to reason and stand for truth in any season.

Jay is an in-demand speaker and has authored several books. “Faith is not a Four Letter Word”, “Creation to Christ” and “Creation and Evolution” can be found here.

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