Replay – Tricia Burton: Mormonism – The Elephant in the Evangelical Room

by | Nov 22, 2023 | Apologetics, Christianity, Contending for the Faith, False Teaching, Gospel, Latter Day Saints, Mormonism, Mormons, Podcast, The Chosen | 0 comments

Tricia Burton talks about the TV elephant in the room – Mormonism. What is the gospel according to Joseph Smith? Tricia comes from a long lineage of Mormons and having found salvation in the true Jesus of the Scriptures, has a unique and comprehensive understanding of what they believe. Tricia is with The Berean Call and has many concerns about how deeply attached believers have become to The Chosen, its characters, and the misrepresentation of Jesus Christ that permeates the series. Many may not realize that its executive producers and the series’ distribution through Angel Studies in Utah have deep Mormon ties. What the church needs right now is a thorough apologetic on Mormonism, and Tricia is one who can provide that.

A lingering question for us all is, if apologetics were still a vital part of the church, would we even have such a thing as The Chosen?

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