Chris Quintana: The Fullness of Time and and Two Comings

by | Dec 22, 2023 | Bible Prophecy, Bible Study, Christianity, Christmas, Podcast, Teaching, the Gospel, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Mary Danielsen chats with Pastor Chris Quintana on a God Who is outside of time who “so loved the world” that he gave. We give gifts in the Christmas season but we can’t come close to the gift of redemption in the “fullness of time”. What does it mean, and why was Jesus born when He was? Since God works out the things of the world in perfect order and brings the world to it’s perfect close in HIs time, we can utterly trust that He is indeed in control. Prophecy is the absolute proof that God is outside of time. No angels heralded Joseph Smith, Muhammed, or any of the others who thought they were God’s messengers, only Jesus Christ is prophesied to the detail. Join us for an interesting look at 2 Peter, the Roman Empire, and other “time within time” elements of predictive prophecy.

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