Frank Sherwin: Origins – Creation, Corruption, Curse, and Catastrophe

by | Dec 19, 2023 | Christianity, Creation, Creationism, Education, Evolution, fossil record, Genesis, global flood, Podcast | 0 comments

Mary Danielsen chats with Frank Sherwin of Institute for Creation Research on the origins of everything as laid out in Scripture. Author and in-demand speaker, Frank has a degree in zoology and is an expert in parasitology.  Where we came from is easily as important as where we are going. Did Darwin actually talk about origins in his book on origins? Are there human fossils in any record? In this fast moving podcast we will talk about Young Earth beliefs, fossils, genealogy, the flood, and – so why do sunflowers follow the sun? Macro and micro thoughts on creation can only point to an amazing Creator who loves His creation.

His short creation articles, which are each around 2 pages, are well worth the time. They can be found here.

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