Usama Dakdok: Middle East Real Estate and Inconvenient Truths About “Palestine”

by | Dec 5, 2023 | Antisemitism, Christianity, Israel, Media Bias, Middle East, Podcast | 0 comments

News broadcasts are filled with the stories of yet another war in the Middle East. Brutal Islamic terrorists from the Gaza Strip have raped, murdered, and kidnapped innocent Jewish civilians living peacefully in Israel. Media pundits and college professors claim that Israel is responsible, calling the Jewish state an illegal occupier of the “Land of Palestine.” Mary Danielsen and  Islamic expert Usama Dakdok will be looking at lies about the Middle East that have been around so long, it takes some pretty serious deprogramming even for the church to do a 180 about such important perspectives. What is the actual history of this vital piece of contested real estate? Who does the Promised Land belong to? We will explore several key issues such as: Lies that students are taught about Israel and “Palestine”; the people who live there now; and what the bible teaches about it all. And we can’t leave off the source of the deeply held hatred that has existed there for millennia. Truth is truth, and it must never change with the generations.

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